From the Founder and President, Jason Cleaves

Dear Valued Customer,
First and foremost, thank you for taking the time out to visit our site.  I would like to tell you a little about how
Fort Worth based Assassin Exterminating Inc, our company values and philosophies were born.  

My journey through the Pest Control industry began in 1996 on
Long Island, New York.  At the age of 16, I was
hired by an exterminating company where I started out stocking shelves part time.  This was a basic entry
level position, where my duties included loading service vehicles and stocking pesticide storage shelves.   
After graduating High School I decided I wanted to work in the Pest Control industry full time.  I started out
on a night route where I provided commercial pest control services as an apprentice, while gaining knowledge
about Insect Life Cycles, Pesticide Application Techniques, Mixing and Handling Procedures, etc.
In 2001, it was time to leave my current position with the title of Route Technician as I felt I couldn’t advance
any further within the company.  I wanted to go where I was able to learn more and take on more

With setting my standards high, I exceeded each company’s goals and outgrew several positions.  My thirst for
knowledge led me to seek as much training as possible each year, learning different aspects of the pest
control industry.  I wanted to be able to not only treat the insect infestations, but help the customers
understand why the initial pest infestations occurred.  

Now having worked in the field for 8 years, obtaining my Commercial Pesticide Applicator License with
endorsements for Public Health, Aquatic Insect, Termite and Structural and Rodent, and earning the title of
Area Supervisor, I felt I had reached my goal.  However, In September of 2004, an interesting phone call
immediately changed my perspective.  I was contacted by the recruiting office of
ITT System Division.  The
recruiter proceeded to tell me about a job opportunity overseas as the Installation Pest Management
Coordinator for
United States Army, Central Command forward operations.  Not knowing anything about the
company I thought it was a scam and ended the conversation with a polite “Thanks but No Thanks”. Two days
later, I received a package in the mail detailing what ITT was about, the kind of services they provided and
what my position would entail. After reading through the pages of the company policies, location and job
description; I was intrigued.  

I had an enormous decision to make.  I weighed the pros and cons: large responsibility vs. working in a war
zone, excellent pay vs. being away from my family.  I decided to take the opportunity that was within my
grasp.  I might never get this chance again.  

In November of 2004, my bags were packed and I was on a plane to
Doha, Qatar.  Once I started my new
position I knew I made the right decision.  I was given a budget of $25,000 where I was able to design a pest
management program from the ground up.  There was nothing in place to protect our soldiers from disease
carrying vectors in the area.  This was where the culmination of all my previous training from the pest
management field would come in.  Elated with my new challenge at hand, I ran survey inspections and began
phase 1.  I purchased equipment, hired technicians, developed training programs, treatment designs and
treatment intervals to name a few.  I was able to make discoveries of unknown issues that were potentially
harmful to over 5000 US Soldiers and Contract Workers on the base.  

From Officer’s quarters to mess halls, my area of responsibility included Intergrated Pest Management for 120
facilities on the Base.  Off base, I was in charge of 2 satellite sites within 15 miles of the Saudi Arabian border.  
I was extremely happy with my position, all I was able to do for the company and soldiers, and truly felt that I
worked with the best of the best.  

In November of 2008 we decided to return to the states and relocate my family to Fort Worth, Texas. I have always felt that the customer and their needs are more important to me than just making the money.    This was when Assassin
Exterminating was born.  I was finally able to take all of my experiences, the knowledge I’ve gained, my
passion for being a professional, doing the right thing by the customer and put it together into a company that
I was proud to be a part of it.    

I chose the name Assassin Exterminating for many reasons.  To me, an Assassin is the best of the best, a
professional, highly skilled and trained, able to adapt to any situation and someone who gets the job done.  
These are the things that I’m proud of.  I believe in embracing new technology while remembering where we
came from.  Assassin Exterminating is not your basic “Baseboard Jockey” company.  We are a company that is
dedicated to truly finding the solution to your pest problem while letting you be part of the decision making
process.  We want you to decide which products and techniques should be used in your home or business.  
Let’s face it; our homes or places of business are huge investments.  It’s probably the biggest investment we’ll
ever make in our lives.  Why shouldn’t we protect that investment?  I genuinely believe that the Pest Control
Operators are Guardians of Health and Property.

Here at Assassin Exterminating, we provide you as much information as possible and many options to choose
from when dealing with your infestations.  We’re not here to push products upon you or scare you with
technical terms to meet certain sales quotas.  We’re here to show you the options and help you decide which
suits your needs best.  When you choose Assassin Exterminating  for your pest control needs you won’t feel
like you’re just another job that is bringing in money for the company. You will feel like a valued customer
who is cared for and protected.  That's the difference when you “Always Hire a Professional”.

Jason Cleaves
Founder and President                   
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