Flea Identification and Elimination
Adult Flea
Adult Flea
Average size of Adult Flea
Close up of flea bites
Flea bites on calf muscle
Flea bites on human torso
Cat and Dog Fleas are very similar in appearance and both species can
live on both cats and dogs.  Humans are mainly attacked by cat Fleas.
A cat or dog may have a light infestation of Fleas without the human
inhabitants knowing it, but if the pets are carrying large numbers of  
Fleas, then there is naturally a greater likelihood of humans being

A heavy infestation may occur if the cat or dog is removed from the
house, for then the insect has no alternative but to feed off us.  In such
cases one may comfort oneself with the fact that the cat and dog Fleas
cannot breed without their principle hosts, and so eventually the
infestation will die out on its own.  On the other hand, they can live
for months on a diet of human blood, so it needs an unusual amount
of patience to wait until the fleas die of old age.

Found in and around homes, they're most abundant in summer, and
seem to be especially numerous when homes are re-occupied after the
residents have been away for a few weeks. The cat and dog Flea are so
similar in appearance and biology that for practical purposes they can
be described under the same heading.

Surprisingly, adult Fleas make up only a minor portion of the total
Flea population in an infested area such as inside a home. Most of the
time the eggs and larvae compose about 80% of the Fleas in a home.

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Although adult Fleas make up only a small percentage of the total Flea
population in a home, they are the most visible and most irritating by
far. Smart pest control measures first target the immature stages of the
insect's development. Using pesticides to kill adult Fleas is important
in many cases but should not be the main target in a professional IPM
approach. Not only are there more immature stages than adults but the
adult Flea can be more difficult to control than its immature eggs and

A Flea is specially designed for its life style, with both body and senses
that enable the insect to locate a host, maneuver on the body of its
host and to feed in a way that supplies its own needs and those of its

The rear legs of a Flea are a wonder in not only what they can do but
also how they do their job. The leg muscles are indeed strong and well
coordinated to give the Flea maximum jumping power, much as the
legs of other jumpers such as grasshoppers and locusts. The force of
the jump causes the flea to tumble in mid-air as it travels upwards and
outwards. Hairs facing to the rear and special claw-like "feet" help the
Flea catch and hang on to its intended target.

The body of a Flea is shaped in a manner that allows ease of movement
through the fur or its host. It is thinner or flatter than most insects and
equipped with body hair that has a two-fold purpose: sticking to its
host and moving around on its host. With its shape and body hair, the
Flea's body is likened to a Velcro dart. Responding to movement,
vibrations and the warmth, carbon dioxide and humidity of an
animal's breath and body, the Flea jumps upwards towards its
intended target. Once it touches the target (animal) it is able to make a
safe landing with the aid of body hairs that only point backwards.
These backwards facing hairs give the Flea the Velcro effect needed to
stick to its host and to crawl forward without falling back to the
ground. Even the hairs that resemble a tiny beard serve as extra
support, especially during feeding. This beard-like array (called a
comb) is one of the characteristics that distinguish the Cat Flea from
other Fleas.

Once its host has been located and the Flea has managed to land on
its host, it begins to bite and feed. A single Flea can bite an animal
numerous times per hour, searching for a suitable area of skin for
feeding. The Flea's mouth part is designed for piercing skin and
siphoning blood for a meal. If animals could immediately detect the
Flea's bite, the animal would respond before the Flea could feed. To
prevent this, the Flea's saliva desensitizes the area long enough for the
insect to have its blood meal. This saliva also causes an allergic
reaction in many animals, causing them to itch and scratch.

Fleas prefer to spend their entire adult life on their host but obviously
are shaken loose during the activities of the host animal (jumping,
running, scratching, grooming) and this is when a Pest Management
Professional will need to be called in for treatment.

Vacuuming after a home has been treated is one of the most important
things a homeowner can do to ensure success. The reason for this is
because Residual Insecticides cannot penetrate the Pupa sack. Areas
where vacuuming should be concentrated are locations where your
pets frequent. Adult Fleas, Flea eggs and future food for larvae all fall
off of the host in the same general area. Being sensitive to light, the
larvae are usually close by but underneath or behind objects such as
beds, couches, dressers, etc.
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