Termites are social insects which work through a strict caste system. This system consists of Workers,
Soldiers, Winged Reproductive Termites (Swarmers) and a King and Queen Termite. Winged Reproductive
Termites produce the offspring in the colony and swarm at certain times of the year usually between March
and May but can swarm as late as August. These are usually the first sign that you may have a problem. They
are a signal that there is a colony in or beneath the structure which means that the home will need to be
inspected and possibly treated by a professional that is licensed for Termite Treatment. Soon after swarming,
male and female Swarmers will lose their wings, form pairs and return to the earth to begin forming a new
colony. Swarmers that don't pair will quickly die within a few hours.

A pair that successfully establishes a new colony is called the King (male) and Queen (female) of the colony.
They are also referred to as the primary (first form) Reproductives because they have attained the adult stage
and are physically and sexually mature. Within the first few days or weeks after pairing, the Queen lays the
first clutch of several dozen eggs; small numbers of eggs are laid intermittently thereafter. The King and
Queen take care of the first batch(es) of eggs and young. When a number of Workers are present, they begin
caring for their younger nest-mates, eggs, and the primary Reproductives. Initial colony growth is slow, but as
the Queen ages her egg-laying capacity increases and colony growth rate accelerates.

The first thing to do is NOT PANIC. If this is the first time you have had a swarm chances are very good that
you have minimal damage if any at all. Problems occur when Termites have been swarming for years and no
control has been applied.

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Workers represent the majority of the colony population and
are responsible for caring for eggs, constructing and
maintaining tunnels, foraging for food and feeding and
grooming of other caste members.  They are white and soft
Soldiers are responsible for defending the colony.  They are
white, soft bodied with an enlarged, hardened head
containing two large jaws, or mandibles, which are used as a
weapon against predators.
Winged Reproductives produce the offspring in the colony
and swarm at certain times of the year.  Colonies can have
both Primary Reproductives (one King and one Queen) and  
hundreds of Secondary Reproductives to assist in egg laying
and colony growth.  Please see below for the difference
between Winged Reproductives and Flying Ants.
The King Termite assists the Queen in creating and
attending to the colony during its initial formation.  He will
continue to mate throughout his life to help increase the
colony size.

The Queen Termite creates the colony by laying eggs and
tending to the colony until enough workers and nymphs are
produced to care for the colony.  She can live for more than
ten years and produce hundreds of eggs each year.  Colonies
can reach several million termites with the help of secondary
Queens who also produce eggs.
One easy noticeable difference between Termites and Flying
Ants is their shape. An Ant's body has three individual
sections that when they meet look like a neck and waist. Yet
a Termite has two segments, the head and the thorax, and
looks more like one piece. Species of Ants have a variety of
colors, from red to brown to black, but Swarming Termites are
usually shiny black.

Another simple anatomical difference is their wingspans.
Although both kinds of insects develop two pairs of wings just
to mate, reproduce, and produce new colonies, their wings
look dissimilar. A Termite's back wings are visible beneath
the overlaying front wings. If you outstretch both pairs (on a
dead specimen), you'll see they're actually the same length.
On a Flying Ant, the back wings hide beneath the front wings,
so they are shorter. Their wings have tiny, visible veins. It's
easy to knock off the wings of a termite, so you'll probably see
them scattered around the site of a swarm.

Finally, the last noticeable difference between Flying Ants
and Termites are their antennae. Look closely and you'll see
that the Ant's antennae curve or bend inwards, topped by a
ball called a club. However, a Termite's antennae gently point
outwards without any kinks, bends, or knobs at the end. To
further identify them, you're more likely find Termites around
wood, where they nest and feed, such as in the rafters in the
attic or old furniture stored in the basement or crawlspace.
Most Ants, of course, prefer the kitchen where they snack on
sweets like sugar or fruit.
Signs of Subterranean Termite Infestation
(Mud Tubes)
Damage Caused By Subterranean Termites If Left Untreated
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